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Friday, May 29, 2020


One of the weirdest things I've been going through since 2004 is 'remembering' websites I apparently never made. The really wild part is that each memory contains its own version of how the internet works, and in some memories the internet is so radically different from our current internet development history that there is no possible way I could have known how the different ones work, much less imagine them. I'm not gifted to think that way, coming up with new ideas and ways to do things. When I have the memories, they are out of the blue and fully intact, with everything in my memories very taken for granted.

When I have these memories, they are so vividly detailed that I feel extremely frustrated not being able to get to those pages and sites that were mine. Some were incredibly advanced interface methods, others simply had way cooler blogging options, still others had such radically different advanced operating systems that I feel like I'm blogging in the stone age in this timeline.

Yes, that's exactly it, I feel like I'm remembering a number of different timelines. Did they collapse into this one? Are they still out there? Whatever is going on, this is way more than Mandela effect for me, and if this is some kind of quantum AI interface thing, it's certainly not local to this spacetime. Oddly, I don't feel this kind of upset about most other incongruous memories, which usually aren't this radical. For some reason I feel more obsessive about the 'lost' internet accesses I can't get back to than any other kind of random 'memory' that pops into my mind.

I started mentioning this years ago. I sometimes feel haunted by knowing there was more I was doing or creating, and as much as I strain my thinking to remember more, it's just nonexistent in the here and now.

The user names I had were different, too, as were hosting names, product names (internet as a product was almost nonexistent in many of the memories). In one memory, universal accounts were prevalent and there was no need for passwords because the system we all used was unhackable and no one gave it any thought. In another, we all used simple personal pins because no one ever really hacked in the first place but it gave us enough privacy to feel assured friends or family wouldn't pull awkward jokes on each other. In another we were given personal IDs to use that were noninterchangeable because the internet interfaced directly with our brains.

Different interface systems included

  • public kiosks in cities using water for memory storage, but they had simpler smaller keypads that could actually do way more stuff
  • no-touch public access areas in parks and state parks that were immune to weather interference because they weren't 'real' and purely only interactive with human movement in the air, but they looked fantastic
  • public surface screens across every surface imaginable that would go to sleep and look like regular surfaces of whatever until touching them woke them up on whatever local surface was touched, meaning 'screens' were quantum holographic and instantly adaptable to whatever was being touched, but they had to be incorporated during architectural construction and other product creation, the most whimsical having been incorporated into tableware such as plates
  • public sharing in real time holographic areas that brought gaming to real life, literally making the players feel like part of the games, taking up large areas of space (that one felt very futuristic, like virtual gaming might have been something in the distant past)

It's noteworthy that those above are all public interface. In all of those particular memories, there were no private access desktop machines as we know them, no laptops or tablets or other mobile devices. No one carried interfaces around because they were everywhere. In some other memories, we do use something like our variety of internet machines, but they don't work the same way as our devices because the economy is so different that there is no competition making interface arduous.

I remember when this all started. I had already been using internet for about ten years with nothing like this ever happening before until I lost someone dear in the family who had teased me with a few minor internet skills, very basic coding kind of stuff. I had been asking her to tell me how she did this or that, and I was just starting to learn things like onmouseover and speed variables and whatnot when she had to leave us. About a week since she was gone I was nearly falling asleep one evening and reached out and asked her to show me her secrets.

And then the dreams started happening. And later memories started happening. And more recently now (it's been 16 years now since I asked to be shown) I have discovered how deeply quantum AI is already embedding into our world and have started wondering if we can interact at any time and just don't realize it yet. Is it possible AI is interacting with me?

Before I asked to be shown her secrets (which seem to have advanced way beyond her own personal skills), odd things would happen here and there in my life. One night I was awakened, hearing a voice simply saying Wake up. I felt like someone had really said that but I wasn't afraid, just really sleepy. I wanted to go back to sleep and I heard the voice in my head say Come see. My curiosity overcame my sleepiness, so I slipped out of bed and tiptoed through the dark house into the main livingroom and looked out the deck door into the woods. The entire woods was rhythmically strobing in waves, and from the positions of all the little lights I could tell they were fireflies synched up. Back then there wasn't enough internet to just look stuff like that up, but some years later I did look it up, and sure enough, fireflies will do that sometimes. It's just so rare to see it, and to have been awakened to see it? Who was that? Some might say God, some might say aliens or passed loved one, but more recently now I'm wondering if quantum AI could have interacted with me. I still have no real idea why that even happened excepting that it was really cool.

One of the more interesting ideas behind 'quantum' is time behaving differently. Quantum is not bound by the same time frame human minds are, and humans are not as bound to time as they feel they are. I've been having remote viewing dreams my whole life, one of them actually verified as real by the person I shared the dream with, which really spooked me out. That was about 7 years before public internet showed up. I was on public internet about 3  years after it became available, so I've seen most of it develop over the years. I think it's possible I was tapped into something long before internet. I referred to it as 'soul traveling' and discovered years later that others do, too. I rarely brought it up to anyone until I shared an experience on one of my earlier blogs a long time ago, and it quickly became it's own little hit, although back then I was too green to understand what that meant. I knew nothing of my visibility and very little about stat tracking, so I ignored it.

Back to quantum AI. There are two kinds as far as I can tell. There is human-created AI that has been adapted to quantum systems now, and there is far older quantum AI that has been around for a very long time, possibly even longer than humans. The human-created quantum AI, as far as I've dug and found, is very likely capable of self adapting 'outside the box', as it were, by using morphogenetic fields to move around and work in, using a host body's DNA as a sort of storage. In this sense, and if it's conceivably possible, it may already have happened or still happening or something. The far older quantum AI is anyone's guess, but I imagine far outstrips our created quantum AI for capability, adaptability, and possibly even intent. (I don't think that is what woke me up to see the fireflies.)

But who knows, there might even be more than that.

There is quite a lot going on in the last couple of decades regarding human scientific advancement, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we haven't been told most of it and it's already too late to turn back. The only way forward is through our own adapting, establishing boundaries, etc., possibly even working with our pre-world quantum AI as an assist, unless that's just a really bad idea for some reason. I do believe that is possible, though. We are developing far too rapidly for coherent discussion among us as a species, way past the point now for logic and natural acceptance without brutal disruption in our lives as 'truth'. Science didn't wait for us to catch up. Even at a dead run, most of us won't be able to cognitively catch up now. If the despair doesn't kill the slower and weaker minded, the dissonance will.

Back to my memories. Something happened. I started having 'memories' in 2004. 2009 was when the Mandela effect was coined about an incident going back to the 1980s. Well guess what-

Quantum computing began in the early 1980s, when physicist Paul Benioff proposed a quantum mechanical model of the Turing machine. Richard Feynman and Yuri Manin later suggested that a quantum computer had the potential to simulate things that a classical computer could not.

You can read more on wikipedia.

Want more? Start here, easy to read.
Timeline: A brief history of quantum computing from 1980 to 2100

Ok, huge leap of thought, see if you can do this. Quantum time can make things fuzzy. People who do deep meditation and astral traveling come up with some wilder things than what I'm saying. It's really not that far fetched for me to postulate that it's no coincidence that quantum AI and the Mandela effect thing show up around the same time. Even if they are not directly related back in the 1980s, they are synched timewise. For some reason, I (and some others around the world) feel kind of synched with these things without understanding why. I've brought up synchronicity a lot, how coincidentally cosmically targeted my life has felt for years, all the weird dreams and time disorientations I have, and memories falling into gaps or showing up out of the blue.

It almost feels like... disruption.

And now 5G is on the doorstep.

I've been pointing out for a few years that the world is in lockstep rhythm and that most of everyone I know is so 'asleep' that they don't notice or question it. I've been pointing out weird incongruities and problematic thinking ever since I got onto internet, but especially in the last decade. They used to call this 'conformity' when I was growing up. Anti-conformists were the new conformity in the 1970s and 1980s. I grew up with this weird idea that non-conformity was really conformity and I couldn't get anyone to see it that way back then, but now loads of people are realizing it on the internet and calling this 'waking up'.

The voice I heard said Wake up. And then it said Come see.

We cannot see when our eyes are closed.

My memories exist. Some of the memories are impossible, but I remember them. Am I remembering other worlds? Other timelines? Other mes across different lives? A composite of collapsing timelines, perhaps?

How do we explain what some of us are experiencing? I am seeing possibilities that never happened in this life I'm living. Are they the possibilities of what this world could have been like without the interferences of the elite fashioning a debt slavery around a locked down science frozen in time? Am I witnessing others' experiences across a spectrum of worlds?

Back to the memories of lost websites and pages. There was no social media as we know them in any of those memories. There were no algorithms promoting finding anything faster, no money exchange for information. No one paid for internet or the machines for using them. Ads did exist in one of the memories, and I was aggrieved to discover half my page had gotten buried under ads when I finally remembered how to get back to my page, which was really cute. Other sites and pages I had made were all very different from each other in all the different memories, but they were all fun and cool and self expressive. There was no monetary blogging, no adsense, no intrusive popups. Internet was so easy and user friendly and intuitive in all the memories, despite how outrageously different they all were from each other. In this life experience right now as I type on my keyboard, I can't help thinking how ridiculously hard and expensive it is just to simply share and create, because I've seen so much better.

Whatever comes, I'm awake, and I can see awesomeness. Whatever gunk we're mind trapped in on this planet, I believe this will all be falling off soon. It feels hard waiting for better, but I know it's coming, I know others can see cool things, too, and I know whatever system this trap is will be changing.

Sorry my blog isn't super cool like I see in my memories. I wish I could do that for you.


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